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(TFT) A little moralistic digression...

From: JodyM529@aol.com
Subject: Re: (TFT) Racial History (Blasphemy) and a little moralistic digression...
Date: Thu, 15 Jun 2000 07:58:41 EDT


I actually subscribe (and have for a long time).  It's just that I
spend most of my time lurking rather than participating.  This
latest enormous blow up over reprinting the rules is an excellent
example of why.

Why you subscribe or why you lurk or why you want to participate?

Actually, the reason there is an enormous blow up is that some of us are putting in comments on a particular subject and then those get responded to. There are the core contributors who talk about everything and consistently put in comments. Then there hits a topic that others wish to contribute to also; often times those who are new to the group and haven't heard it all before.

However it all shakes out I hope we don't ending up killing the
golden goose here or, worse still, locking her up so that only some people have access to her eggs.


Well, keep in mind that we're all talk and nothing will change (other than we'll share some neat new rules or game concepts), unless A Person actually declares "I AM DOING THIS (whatever)" and does it. Whether that is personally putting up $10000 check to Howard and closing the deal, or getting a lawyer to draft a not-for-profit company and then legally subscribing for stock, or putting up a webspace for the TFTlike game that his followers will help create, or bucking the copyrights and putting and keeping ITL, AW, AM up on the web for free access.

I don't mind all the hoopla over reprinting and copyright violations. It seems to be moving the group to contribute some effort in this realm. Eventually, something will happen. That is the point where group concensus could crack and we get yoke all over our face...or give birth to another golden goose.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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