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Re: (TFT) State of the list

> Joe Hartley wrote:
> > At any rate, I hope the digest version is now under control!
> Initial tests (sorry there were so many!) show that things appear to
> be OK.  The real test will come when the digest rolls over tomorrow.
> I'd been able before to get the digest working OK, but when a digest
> went out, things got screwey, and there was one digest per message.
> Hopefully I've gotten away from that with a re-installation of the
> software and the creation of a new area to build the digests.
> Now repeat after me in Jambese:
>   Mekka-lekka-hi Mekka-hiney-ho!
> (1000 EP to anyone identifying the above quote!)
>From Paul Rubin before the back seat incident  Pee Wee's playhouse -----
I'll expect it in 20s

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