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Purchasing the (TFT) copyright/ Rules, for use, publishing and the World Wide Web...

	Well, now that I've finally able to get back on the net after my short
internet "brownout" (a real long story...) I can now chip in and say a few
things after reading that rather *huge* backlog that was generated while I
was unable to retrieve any of my email messages -
	First off, I like to say I'm very interested in the idea of approaching HT
and making the effort to offer to purchase TFT's copyright. So whatever
plans there are, I want to kept informed. (including the idea of designing
an Alternative game system).  My primary reasoning behind this is simple - I
sent a letter off to Metagaming in my youth about doing some work with TFT
material and eventually got letter back (which I still have it somewhere!)
basically turning me down because of "copyright issues" during that time
period.  Well, even after all this time, I'm still interested in doing work
on TFT -  as I had a lot of stuff ready to go when HT said it was not
possible. Stuff like various Spell, Talent, Race, and Monster varients and
compilations, adventure scenarios, and even a TFT character generator
software for the color computer. Heck, I even ran a BBS (Gameling) for
several years to host my online TFT  campaign called "the World of Cendri".
	Now, If copyright were revived,  I could perhaps release (via the web or
print) some of that stuff without having to be concerned about copyright
infringement. As it is now, my wife & I are very wary of putting anything
up. So I've kept myself very restrained, if anything at all when it came to
doing anything TFT on the web. Especially since it's hard to define what's
ok and what's not.

	I'd like to know if anyone have any clear cut list of what's ok to put up
on the Web for TFT or not. I've alway been wary of getting into the legal
morass by not putting anything up that some could "go after me" for.
Primarily because Someone once told me that if something gets posted on the
web and the copyright holder has to assert their copyright on it or risk
losing thier right somehow and thus T$R's to stomp on every Website or BBS
that had anything remotely T$R on it. Is this a just a weird bit of heresay
or is there some truth in it? I'll say it certainly stiffled my willness to
do anything D&D on my Old BBS. Leave alone my websites!

	Well, that's my .0002 cents worth!

	- Tim Sireno
	  Aka Cmdr White Wolf

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