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Re: (TFT) Guild Intrigue

John Paul Bakshoian wrote:
> >It seemed Asimov shared that envy...
> Was the Archmage giving Dar a way out of being convicted of contributing to
> an escapee?  Does the Collegium have their own Wizard's Guild?  What is the
> difficulty of the Collegium's Gate Travel?
> Stay tuned next time...
> (I'm interested in the next insallment.)

(If I were gong to write a serial, I'd start from further back in the
story.  :)  But thanks. )

Dar was suspected of having aided his lover's escape from the Guild,
where she was being held before trial on the charge of murder of an
apprentice.  She was of course innocent, and a victim of circumstances,
being a convenient target and the only non-member at large within the
Guild walls at the time of the murder.  As well, certain members were
envious of Dar's successes in his expeditions to the Lost City.

The Collegium was the prevalent Guild of the mainland, and they
possessed the only Gate to the vicinity of Carnn.  The Gate was of
course well-maintained, and secure.  And expensive.  And certain
rivalries made it even more expensive for members of the Carnn Guild.

Asimov hoped to arrange Dar's travel by ship, equipped with sufficient
alchemical restorative to allow Dar to complete a Gate spell on the
mainland, without apprentices, and therefore in absolute secrecy.

The trip would take quite some time, time during which Asimov assured
Dar the entire Elyn issue would blow over.  Dar would be freed of the
possible wrath of the Guild.

But he would certainly anger the Collegium.  :)

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