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(TFT) New List Member Introduction


As I'm new to the list, I figured I'd say 'hi', and post an introduction.
My name is Tony Merlock, and I've been gaming since '78.  I first started
with Basic D&D and Traveller, and then, for my birthday, my mom bought two
mini-games - Artifact and Treasure of the Silver Dragon.  She didn't read
the back of TSD, so she wasn't aware that it required other games to be

Well, I didn't care.  I tore it open, read it, and played thru it, assuming
I'd survive the encounters.   Shortly after that, I had my allowance saved
up, and bought Melee.  The other books came later, and TFT became the
most-often played game we had.

For some reason, we switched back to D&D (probably because it was easier to
be munchkins in D&D), and got stuck in a huge D&D rut.

However, I've *finally* convinced my current group (which contains two
people who played TFT with me back in the 'good old days') to start a new
campaign using TFT, and I haven't been this excited about gaming in years.
The only problem was that my oldest brother had taken my copies of AM, AW,
and ITL with him when he moved out of state, and was reluctant to send them
back (even though they were *mine*).  So, I went to eBay, and paid
exorbidant amounts for them, but heck, they were worth it to me.

Anyway, this new campaign will be based on the Judges Guild "City State of
the Invincible Overlord" campaign world, transposed to Cidri, and with a
completely re-written background.  In fact, the Invincible Overlord will be
none other than the Thorsz....

The overall theme of the campaign will be one of exploration - the landscape
will be dotted with ruins (post-Mnoren) just waiting to be explored.

I'll be modifying and creating a bunch of new spells, talents, and
creatures, and when I do, I'll post them here for comment.  Of course, that
might not be for a while - my wife and I are expecting our first baby "any
day now".

My current (and hopefully expanding) collection of TFT books now includes:
Melee, Wizard, DT1, DT2, SIL, AM, AW, ITL, the fantasy master's screen, the
codex, Lords of the Underearth, and Dragons of the Underearth.  Two of my
brothers share an almost-complete collection, missing only Warrior Lords and
Forest Lords.

Anyway, that's my story, and I'm sticking with it!

Tony Merlock
"Glad to be here"

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