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Re: Purchasing the (TFT) copyright/ Rules, for use, publishing and the World Wide Web...

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000 17:01:17 -0500, "Tim.Sireno"
<tim.sireno@econmktg.com> wrote:

>I've alway been wary of getting into the legal
>morass by not putting anything up that some could "go after me" for.
>Primarily because Someone once told me that if something gets posted on the
>web and the copyright holder has to assert their copyright on it or risk
>losing thier right somehow and thus T$R's to stomp on every Website or BBS
>that had anything remotely T$R on it. Is this a just a weird bit of heresay
>or is there some truth in it? I'll say it certainly stiffled my willness to
>do anything D&D on my Old BBS. Leave alone my websites!

Where's Ty Beard when you need him.

TRADEMARKS have to be asserted, copyright doesn't. TSR or anyone else's
copyright is assured until 75 years after their death.

Trademarks, if they become common usage (e.g Cellophane is now
cellophane) cease to be trademarks, therefore THEY have to be asserted
and protected.

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