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Re: Purchasing the (TFT) copyright/ Rules, for use, publishing and the World Wide Web...

On Thu, 15 Jun 2000, Tim.Sireno wrote:

> 	Now, If copyright were revived,  I could perhaps release (via
> the web or print) some of that stuff without having to be concerned 
> about copyright infringement.  As it is now, my wife & I are very
> wary of putting anything up.  So I've kept myself very restrained, 
> if anything at all when it came to doing anything TFT on the web. 
> Especially since it's hard to define what's ok and what's not.

Well, its not that difficult.  As Dave paraphrased: "The game itself
can't be copyrighted, only a particular /description/ of the game 
can be copyrighted."  As i recall, Jean was the author of this 
comment.  Alas, she's no longer a list member.

The sticky wicket is 'derivative work.'  As of this writing, I don't
have a good feel for what is a derivative work and what isn't.  Is
anyone out there in list land able t expound upon this at all?

> I've alway been wary of getting into the legal morass by not putting
> anything up that some could "go after me" for.  Primarily because
> Someone once told me that if something gets posted on the web and 
> the copyright holder has to assert their copyright on it or risk
> losing thier right somehow and thus T$R's to stomp on every Website
> or BBS that had anything remotely T$R on it. 

Unfortunately this is the state of things today.  These sort of suits
have little to do actual infringement, its who has the deeper pockets.

Dan Tulloh

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