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Re: (TFT) Steve Jackson's Thoughts

John Paul writes . . .

>If anyone was going to get sued for violating TFT copyright, it would
>have been GURPS.  My how similar the concepts, how similar the charts,
>how similar that stats.

   Knowing what I know now, I would have been very surprised if HT sued SJ
for copyright infringement.  Didn't someone here on the list mention this?
(paraphrased)  "The game itself can't be copyrighted, only a particular
/description/ of the game can be copyrighted."
   This is how I've side-stepped copyright law when I posted /Interplay/ and
other magazine material to this list.  I took the given game mechanic
(talent, spell, or whatever) and rewrote it in my own words so there's no
legal problem.  Rewriting them was a good idea anyway, since most were so
terribly written and (according to HT) not edited at all.
   (Personally I feel that no information (be it be word, patent, or radio
signal) should be owned by anyone (that's getting a little too abstract) but
I recognize that we live in an imperfect world.  8^)

Dave Seagraves
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