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(TFT) Wizards Guild and Apprentices

In my part of Cidri, Apprentices are much more than walking Strength
batteries, they are wizards in training.
A major part of the Wizards Guild's role in society is to search out
talented youngsters and train them in the proper use of their potentially
dangerous powers. I assume that the majority of magician characters have
been through some form of apprenticeship, they don't just turn up as instant

As well as training and housing apprentices, the guild may provide some
examination or licensing structure. The Guild can act as a neutral ground
for disputes between members. Also I assume the Guild has judicial or
enforcement powers over it's members. It's unlikely that they will favour
unlicensed magic and they may treat 'wild' practitioners very harshly. Much
as professional bodies do in our own world. If the Guild doesn't like what
you do, they can make you forget... .. or much worse!

Of course not every apprentice is a potential Gandalf, so some of them can
make a comfortable living as 'magical labour' lending strength, assisting in
simple magic and performing mundane tasks for the true mages.
The majority of apprentices will have "detect magic" as well as "Aid" and a
few other useful spells. They will have a good general knowledge of magical
principals and may be able to perform more difficult spells under
supervision or through a spell book. One day they will get their staff and
pointy hat then it will be their turn to boss the apprentices around.

In smaller settlements the Guild may be represented by a single wizard and
their apprentice, but they will still be able to call on the Guild's support
or resources if needed. If Guild wizards are examined to a common standard
they will be due professional respect wherever they go.

This also means that a apprentice raised by the Guild is raised in the
Guild's mold and they are likely to support the continued operation of the
Guild. After all, if you keep up with your studies and work hard it could be
you sat at the high table one day. The Guild is primarily a mutual support
organisation, you look after the Guild and the Guild will look after you!



Chris Nicole
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