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Re: (TFT) Racial History (Blasphemy)

BTW, OT: You weren't supposed to quote the entire (excellent) monograph,
for a four-line reply.  But hey, it saved _me_ a lot of trouble.  :)

Scott_Moore@praxair.com wrote:
> I would have to disagree that Human are products of Orcs.  In fact, I believe
> the opposite is true.  I can not accept it  from a moral aspect (God creation).
> Also, Orc were a product (experimentation/manipulation) of Saruman (sp?) -
> Tolkin.  The whole concept of Orcs I believe were developed by Tolkin.

I don't mean he intends that Orc is unchanged since the dawn of time. 
Rather, he's making the arguement that the proto-orc (which a man might
call, _has_ called, proto-man)))) line evolved into distinct branches,
of which mankind was one.

As to divine creation, John covered that, or at least allowed you to
rule as your faith demands:

> There may be no real significance in deciding that humans come from Orcs or
> that Gnomes and Humans created Hobbits, because at the time of gameplay,
> those races exist regardless of what the background myth is.
> But the potential in story is great.  Is it known that humans evolved from
> Orcs, that Ogres are distantly related to Humans?  Why does Elf ire get up
> when a human whinnies goadingly at him?  Is there one god for each root
> race?  Do gods come up for each race as it evolves or is that god
> responsible for that evolution?
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