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(TFT) orcs goblins.....

Dear JPB, in Tolkien orcs and goblins are synonymous. Goblin is the term
used in the hobbit (though mountain orcs get mentioned at one point,
something about being bigger and nastier or something) and orc in LOTR.
Pre-tolkien, the word Orc was used for a sea monster in old english/norse,
I htink , hence the latin name of the killer whale is Orcinus orca. 
I was alomst tempted to toss orcs out altogether from my various worlds a
while back but they're so firmly entrenched that it would be a tad

Come to think of it I think it was tolkien who first raised the idea of
hobgoblins being bigger 'n' nastier than goblins somewheer in the hobbit
(not sure on that htough).
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