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(TFT) The Mnoren Librarium is now open

After a long hiatus, The Mnoren Librarium is now open.

The first duty of the Librarium is to call back into its collection, the TFT items checked out to Patrick Keleher of New York.

They are:  AW; AM; ITL; GM Screen.

I appologize for the delay in getting back to you Patrick, as the date of return should have been mid April. Usual check out periods will be one week.

Please let this group know how the service has been for you.

Please return these via FedEx or similar shipper. Don't forget to send me a check for my cost to ship to you. (should be about same as for you to ship it to me.)

Congratulations Patrick on getting the most use out of these.

Giovani Paolo
Master Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

Note: I have shifted over from a SHADOWHEX e-mail address to a HAILMELEE address.


As I stated in previous missages, I am providing a checkout service. How you retain memory of these items is up to you.

Via FedX, I will ship:
                      Advanced Melee
                      Advanced Wizards
                      In the Labyrinth
               and/or Fantasy Masters Screen

The booklets are in fairly good condition.

Since this is a very secure shipping, no need to insure.  Just pay the
shipping there (it'll be written on the outer cover of the package), and pay for similar shipping back.

A wealth upon those who read,

Giovani Paolo
Master Librarian
Mnoren Librarium

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