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(TFT) Guild Intrigue

Joe Hartley wrote:
> Justin Sandock wrote:
> > I hope John and Dominic continue to share alternate
> > guild/corporation/hegemony structures.
> I agree.  I think all this thought on the why and how of wizard's
> guilds has been just great.  Somewhere in here lurks the heart of a
> great TFT game with political intrigue, wizard duels and enough plot
> twists to make Machiavelli happy.

Here I again serve as scribe to Dar Fannen, of the Wizard's Guild of

Josephus of Hart Vale speaks more truly than he may know; to that I can
attest.  I am brought, by his comments, to mind of the matter of the 2nd

It was shortly following the third expedition to the Lost City, after
the unpleasantness had been resolved, and Elyn freed from the spectre of
the charge of murder.  Archimagus Asimov made plain, in his gentle
manner, that certain elements within the Guild believed they could prove
my involvement in her escape.  I remember laughing; such was no great
feat, there were a great many threads that bound me to the act, and to
Elyn... but I digress.

My accusers could bring no charge against me, without definite evidence,
which was of course lacking.  So they had petitioned Asimov, to employ a

I was undone.  Or so I thought.

Asimov being a busy man, he had deferred his decision.  He had, as he
then made plain, other pressing matters to attend.  Perhaps, he asked, I
was aware of the single Gate to the mainland, which lay under the care
and control of the Collegium?

I was, of course.  Nearly any mage would be.  And I, who had made a
study of Gate forces, was like any other mage possessed of that power,
envious of the Collegium's sole control of rapid transport to the
mainland, and of the riches it brought them.

It seemed Asimov shared that envy...
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