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Re: (TFT) Guild Intrigue

I'd been meaning to reply to this, but got sidetracked fixing the

Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net> wrote:
> Joe Hartley wrote:
> > I think all this thought on the why and how of wizard's
> > guilds has been just great.  Somewhere in here lurks the heart of a
> > great TFT game with political intrigue, wizard duels and enough plot
> > twists to make Machiavelli happy.
> Here I again serve as scribe to Dar Fannen, of the Wizard's Guild of
> Carnn...
>           ( snip )
> I was, of course.  Nearly any mage would be.  And I, who had made a
> study of Gate forces, was like any other mage possessed of that power,
> envious of the Collegium's sole control of rapid transport to the
> mainland, and of the riches it brought them.
> It seemed Asimov shared that envy...

This is brilliant!  Is it part of a longer narrative, or a PBEM game?

Most if not all the TFT modules and MicroQuests required Melee or AM,
with Wizard/AM an optional add-on.  A Wizard-centric game would be a very
cool thing.

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