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My Monsters (was re:(TFT) freudian slip)

> Oh, Tony, liked your slime, do you want me to stick yr monsters on my
> website or do you want to set yr own up?

Feel free to publish any of my creations anywhere you want.  Credit is
appreciated.  Right now, I don't have time to create a new section on my
web page - setting up the baby's room and prepping for my new TFT campaign
are consuming most of my free time.

By the way - I was thinking about the Blunderbuss slime on the drive in to
work today, and I thought that there should be a ST cost whenever the
slime fires its spores - something like 2 ST per shot.  This would serve
to limit the total number of shots it could fire.

I should have some free time tonight, so I'll probably be posting another
couple monsters we created in the good old days.

Tony Merlock
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