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(TFT) gods, demigods, heroes and their chums

Now JPB reckons no hero can kill a god and one good thing about AD&D2 was
it started going on about avatars, so I guess one way around it is this:

Each deity derives its power from no. of worshipers.

A deity can make 1 or more avatars per month with,say a total ST of 2 per
100 worshipers (eg a city god of a moderate sized city and surrounds of 10
000 worshippers would have 200 ST to spare but would be loth to use them
all at once as to keep some spare in case approached by some other being
mankind knows naught of - think of all the squabbles in Greek/Gloranthan
mythos) On average half max, with DX 14 +1d6 (GM discretion here, eg Loki
and Hermes with more DX than Hephaistos) and IQ of the original deity. A
deity automatically knows all spells its IQ allows (direct manipulation of
magic/matter whatever.

i.e avatar is pretty tough but rarely appears at strength unless a lot is
at stake

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