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Re: (TFT) gods, demigods, heroes and their chums

From: "Cas Liber" <casliber@ozemail.com.au>
Subject: (TFT) gods, demigods, heroes and their chums
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 22:43:14 -0700

Now JPB reckons no hero can kill a god and one good thing about AD&D2 was it started going on about avatars, so I guess one way around it is this:

Each deity derives its power from no. of worshipers.

A deity can make 1 or more avatars per month with...and IQ of the
original deity. A deity automatically knows all spells its IQ allows (direct manipulation of magic/matter whatever.

i.e avatar is pretty tough but rarely appears at strength unless a lot is at stake


What's an avatar? Is it like an angel? I didn't get into the AD&D books much.

The archives also has some ideas mentioned about dieties and their base of power via followers. This is a very good alternative to the "pure, holy being" that I use. One could even use both. Gods who exist independantly and amass followers, those Gods that come about because the faith of the followers reaches critical mass.

In a british RPG mag I read, they suggested that it might not be the quantity of the followers, but the quality. 1000 disinterested followers of the Frog God may not give the god as much power as 10 fanatic assassin followers of the FROG GOD.

Also, ITL page 57 mentions:
"APOTHEOSIS is the process of becoming a god. Throughout history (on CIDRI, and on every earth known) there occur occasional reports of heroes who have returned after their deaths to lead their people to victory or perform other similarly unlikely feats. There are many suggestions as to how and why this occurs. The most logical seems to involve a process of "mass beleif." Who knows?...."

It does offer a disclaimer not to overdo this, but it is in the rules.

Also, there are times when a god makes an appearance on the earth plane. This is not his normal plane. He has to put effort of some type to be here. It should be possible to kick the god off the earth plane.

Hail Melee

John Paul

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