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Re: (TFT) Guild Intrigue

Joe Hartley wrote:
> I'd been meaning to reply to this, but got sidetracked fixing the
> list...

Thanks for fixing.  And Hosting, and...

> > It seemed Asimov shared that envy...
> This is brilliant!  Is it part of a longer narrative, or a PBEM game?

Dar was played FTF (FTFTFT, or FT^3).  I could spin more narrative, if I
had the time, but there isn't any more lying about, no.

> Most if not all the TFT modules and MicroQuests required Melee or AM,
> with Wizard/AM an optional add-on.  A Wizard-centric game would be a very
> cool thing.

Well, Dar's GM and I thought so.  :)
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