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(TFT) Reading level

John Paul states,

<<Actually, if you write it for your own reading level, this will force any
desirous young player to increase their reading ability.
Which in this age of computer games, one does not even have to read 3
volumes of intricate logic and become a words lawyer to battle for your
right for your character to survive.  Just point and shoot.  The computer
even tells you what to do via tutorial.  Now, as a kid, you can sit in a
dark room and never have to interface with life again.  And they were
complaining about kids playing D&D in steam tunnels?  At least those guys
went out and experienced, er, life.>>>

Almost all newspapers are written at eighth grade level because that is the
level of the majority of the reading public.  I'm sorry JPB but any
desirious young player would not take time to read something written above
their level without beating them.  I have a hard enough time getting them to
read something at their level.  I teach 7th grade.  I believe this laziness
is a product of too much visual stimulation that kids receive every day.
They don't have to work (to a lot of them reading is work)to watch ---
videogames, cd roms, etc...  Most of us late 30 to 40 somethings are from
the first true generation to grow up with a TV in our house from birth.  But
today's kids have more visual information thrown at them then we ever did.
"Why do we have to read when we can watch it?" mentality.  I totally agree
with your last point.

Keep up the good work
Yours in Cidri,

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