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Re: (TFT) In search of Bobby Fischer, no ...HT

> From: Joe Hartley <jh@brainiac.com>
> Subject: Re: (TFT) In search of Bobby Fischer, no ...HT
> That's fine.  If folks are willing to put the work into rewriting TFT,
> more power to them.
> <admin_mode>
> But I have no interest in working on it, nor do I have any interest in
> hearing the details of the work.  Therefore, discussions on how to
> do it should be moved off this list.
> </admin_mode>

Fair enough, if anyone wants to start a list, Egroups might be the way
to go. The current server is a bit on the wacky side (just recieved 42
emails or something like)
> My personal feeling is that HT owes me nothing.  It would be nice if TFT
> were made available again, but I'll get along if it's not.
> I think that this effort would be better directed into working with an
> existing, supported system like Simply Roleplaying!, but that's just my
> opinion.

I'll have to give that one a peek. All I want is a simple system that I
can tell my players to buy or download and I'm not a big fan of Fuzion.
ITL fitted the bill and I thank HT and SJ for bringing it to us, but
it's Howard's, not mine. Of course a good simple system could be used
for Tekumel, which is an awesome background with a totally garbage
system attached.

Jim Eckman
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