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(TFT) Oops!

   Oops!  I copied the entire message I replied to into that last post I
sent, instead of just quoting the relevant passage (which I did as well).
Shame on me.  8^(  I guess I'm still getting used to recieving all the
messages individually instead of in Digest form.
   Actually I'm still getting the Digests as well, if for no other purpose
than to help Joe troubleshoot the Digest problem.  I just got 121 Digests!
Numbers 31-155 in one huge E-mail orgasm.  I haven't checked them all but it
looks like they're all just one post each.
   Joe, go ahead and do what you want to do to fix the problems, even if you
have to take down the list for a week.  I'm sure we'll all be here when you
get back.

Dave Seagraves
Seagraves Mutual Fund   dseagraves@austin.rr.com   1 (512) 255-2760
Current fund value: $1.83 per share.

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