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(TFT) State of the list

I have just finished making a number of changes to the inner workings
of the TFT list.  There are some things I fould which could have
been explained by files not being restored properly back when the
machine threw a hard drive.

At any rate, I hope the digest version is now under control!

To those folks on the digest, I'm really sorry about the flood
last night, where all the posts for the last 3 days came over
one per digest.  At least you won't need to check the archives to
catch up :-/ 

BTW, if any of you on the digest choose not to get the messages
for some reason, please unsubscribe from the list.  Don't pull what
some AOL yutz did last night and refuse messages; that simply
sends my personal email a message saying you refused the message.
Last night that doubled the already considerable amount of email in
my mailbox, which did not help at all.

We now return to the list, already in progress...
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Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa

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