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(TFT) Re: TFT Digest V2 #157

Subject: (TFT) figures i TFT

I always found 25mm figures (especially if glued onto hex bases) worked
well on the hex grids in the middle of Advanced Melee, which we photocopied
and put together as needed.

That was a given! Since I was the painter for all my friends, we incorporated figures immediately. I'd photocopy the hex grid onto cardstock, and make hexagonal base for them, and colour code the hex sides to show front side an back. Never had an argument about facing that way. And now a company named Geo-Hex makes terrain matts that are coloured, with hexagons printed on them. They also make a series of underground tunnel peices, that IIRC have hexes printed also! Gotta have figures, it adds that little extra bit!

Geo hex main page http://geohex.com/
GEO HEX HEX MATS--- http://geohex.com/scenic01.htm
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