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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

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        Yes I actually do use 1/2 point talents.  How is
this different from 1/3 point cantrips?


To me, the 1/3 point cantrips are an extension of the rules for the
relationship between Spells/Talents. But 1/2 point talents don't really
'fit' the rest of the framework. 

Theif talent has the same value as Literacy? Just a personal preference but
it doesnt seem to match the system.

Besides, 1/3 point Cantrips don't invalidate the "balance" of the system.
In other words for other gamers who like to play (or run) TFT "straight",
then a character with 1/3 point Cantrips wont unbalance or overshadow their

But if a character comes along who only paid 1/2 point for the same
Talents, that would defintely be different. Of course, I'm not really
talking about some of your talents that are actually "worth" only half a
point. I'm just talking about making all the normal talents half point. 

But more than anything, it's just not the simplest method of expanding the
number of talents available. Half point Talents are an "all or nothing
solution".  With half point Talents all of the costs have to be refigured
(unless we're talking about 'lesser' talents worth half point). 

Just my personal preference, but I think that TFT works really well for
beginners and I wouldn't want any advanced rules to make it harder to play
TFT 'straight' (for lack of a better word). I'd like advanced rules that
players could 'grow into' but that they could always fall back on the
'simplest' version of TFT there is (except for having Talents!).

Ultimately, I think I actually agree with Howard Thompson. TFT only got a
"little" better, but it got a LOT bigger with ITL. I actually think he was
closer to what it should have been with the simpliefied Underearth System,
but it never really got ironed out...

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