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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

	Hi Michael, Everyone.

	It sounds like you misunderstood me.  I was suggesting
that we allow talents that are 1/2 a point.  Additionally I feel that 
almost all of the talents could simply have their memory cost halved.

	I certainly don't think that all talents should cost 1/2 a

>But if a character comes along who only paid 1/2 point for the same
>Talents, that would defintely be different. Of course, I'm not really
>talking about some of your talents that are actually "worth" only half a
>point. I'm just talking about making all the normal talents half point. 
>But more than anything, it's just not the simplest method of expanding the
>number of talents available. Half point Talents are an "all or nothing
>solution".  With half point Talents all of the costs have to be refigured
>(unless we're talking about 'lesser' talents worth half point). 

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