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Re: (TFT) New List Member Introduction

> Hi Tony this is Andrew.  Welcome to the TFTers.  Whenever u want to play
> ask Joe(he's our leader, i guess).  So welcome and congradulations about
> baby!!!
>         Andrew(Sagitar)

Thanks!  We just assembled the crib tonight.  Joe sent me a few gameboxes
last year (once again, thanks, Joe!), but life's been so chaotic, I haven't
had much of a chance to use them (especially since my older brother (who is
the one I wanted to game with) never seemed to have the chance to install

> PS i'd love to play u'r campaign.

Well, amazingly enough, it's a face-to-face campaign, and unless someone
decides to drop out (very unlikely), it's got as many players as I can
handle.  We've been meeting once a month (which is about as often as we can
get together) for several years to play D&D, and I'm just really thrilled to
be switching to TFT.

I just found a packet of info that we created back in the 80's (on my old
Apple 2e), containing assorted monsters and spells.  We ported over an
assortment of D&D monsters, and also imported creatures from elsewhere (we
had Sontarans from Doctor Who, Kzinti from Niven, and "Unicorn Dragons" from
Robert Aspirin's "Myth" books (Gleep!).

But, we also had some creatures which I think are unique, including:

Blunderbuss Slime
This feared form of slime is a dusty grey in color with numerous black
spots.  Every other round it can fire spores as a blunderbuss at DEX 12.  If
destroyed by fire, it will explode as a grenade.
ST 10 DEX 1 (12 for spore-firing) IQ 1 MA 1
{if this is not an original creation, I apologize to the author; however, I
do recall creating it, but heck, that was around 15 years ago or so, and my
memory isn't what it could be}

Nasty, nasty things......

Tony Merlock

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