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Re: (TFT) Re: TFT Digest V2 #157(fantasy figures)

Crusty listers:

Did all you anti-figure listers catch that??  Uh-oh, better man the 
battlements and run your soiled undies up the flag pole; those darned 
lead-mongering philistines are back in town again!!!!  Some of us buy and 
paint and use figures.  The real-lead eaters even modify the bejeezus out of 
them with epoxy putty, metal rod and less describable materials.  And it's 
just awful, better hide yer kids since lead figures are unsuitable for adults 
under the age of 12. ;P

One of the best things about TFT is that it is a BLATANTLY figure-based game 
yet maintains a depth the Games Workshop products can't even approach.  It 
sure would be nice if someone in the metro Detroit area besides myself could 
figure that out (oh what a stupid pun).  Anyway, lead figures are what got me 
into gaming.  

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