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<< Speak up if anyone's running a game with an opening! >>

I am running a PBEM game.  And I have openings for players.  I'll post more 
about it in the next week or so, but feel free to email me now if you want to 
play, and I'll keep you on a list.  

The setting is the city of Sanctuary or Thieves' World from the stories 
collected and edited by Robert Asprin and Lynn Abby.  Some knowledge of the 
books and characters is helpful and encouraged, but by no means manditory.  

The players begin at entry level (32 points).  I use some limited house 
rules, which I'll get into later for those interested.  Again, I should 
stress some, and limited with respect to rule modifications.

The campaign is open to various character classes, and party size is 
essentially wide open. It's kinda up to you.  Naturally, I'll "assemble" like 
minded characters in chance gathering to see if they hit it off, or hit each 
other.  Or you can join as a group.  Play solo if you wish.  

I've been running it for close to 6 months now, with some success and 
enjoyment form those participating.  There's always room for more thieves in 
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