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Re: (TFT) How to revive TFT without invoking a Summon Lawyer spell

Brad writes:

> Even the abbreviations such as ST and DX would need to be changed,
> since they represent a link back to the TFT nomenclature.  However,
> Str and Dex would be a subtle enough change to break that link.

This isn't true -- both GURPS and MicroTactix use the ST, DX, an IQ
nomenclature without fear of reprisal.  So I find it hard to believe
that you would need to go to the lengths of using Str and Dex to
avoid Copyright.  If you are that paranoid about attribute names, I 
think you'd better check AD&D -- two of their character attributes 
are Str and Dex.  TWERPS uses ST, Traveller actually spells the words
out.  Then there's the systems that use similiar words, such as 
Brawn, Agility  (although I can't think of what those systems are
at the moment.  :( )


PS.  I do, however, want to reiterate something that Brad said as
it equally applies in my case:  I am not a lawyer and the above 
statement should not be considered as legal advice.  : )

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