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Re: (TFT) How to revive TFT without invoking a Summon Lawyer spell

Dave writes:

>   Speaking of minimalistic game design, long ago some friends and 
>I were getting silly and thought up an RPG with only one basic 
>attribute -- a combination of every attribute and skill you could 
>think of -- called Ability.  

TWERPS (The Worlds Easiest Role Playing System) has just this
feature:  There is only one attribute for characters, Strength (ST).

In addition to the basic module, I think that several add-ons
were published; I recall one being about the "Kung Fu Dragons"
or something.

> Long after I had half-forgotten this silliness I started creating
> /Zilch/, which has NO basic attributes!  Ideally the character 
> sheet for an average person is a blank piece of paper.

LOL!!  I started thinking about something similar last night, 
although I didn't think about an RPG with no attributes!  Basically,
my idea was create a combat system which you could drop a character
from ANY RPG into.  So the game would be about allowing your
characters from your favorite RPG to play out their combat in a
tactical sense instead of saying:  "You want to attack the monster?
Ok, roll a d20"


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