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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

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By the way, what was the purpose of having an original background universe 
dedicated to the gaming system?<

Well, it seems to me that the gaming community has changed since the "brown
newsprint" days that we grew up in. Where the opportunity to build your own
universe was part of the fun of gaming.

Even Mark Miller of Traveller has said that he never wanted to develop his
own universe, but wanted Traveller to be a generic system  that anyone
could use to create their own universe. And now it's the Imperium
background that determines what is Traveller far more than the system. 

So I think these days you can publish a 'generic' system, but  you'd better
make an attempt to add an interesting background and adventures to go with

Of course, BESM  has proved me quite wrong on that account, but I think
that's the exception that proves the rules. The nature of the game has
backgrounds already built-in (the Anime movies the game was derived from).

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