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Re: (TFT) Minis with TFT

> That's my love too.  Large-scale mini battles.  Perhaps in the New Era of
> TFT, we can develop the miniatures style which will complement the
> RPG mode.
> Rules should be standard TFT rules so after the town is massacred,
> individuals can go hunting treasures in the sewers and crypts.  However,
> my playtesting, some things need to be ironed out (or I just don't play
> original rules well enough.)  I found that mass cavalry attacks become not
> what you expect when 10 lancers charge a line of 25 halberders/swordsmen.
> You would expect some horsemen to make it through the line by sheer
> momentum, but they end up all getting engaged, 2 swordsmen to the horse.
> you have the same type experiences?

I haven't spent any time actually trying this out, but a few things seem to
call themselves out - the first is that you'd be rolling gobs of dice, which
could get out of hand, and the second is that TFT magic doesn't seem to have
what it takes to make a real differenct on the battlefield.

As for horsemen, remember that horses can push back and trample one-hex
creatures, even if they're engaged.  Plus people who get knocked down
(either from taking 8 pts damage or by failing their save when being pushed
back) don't engage the horses.  Of course, if the halbardiers are stacked
too deep, they may be resistant to being pushed back.

Actually, I'm looking forward to MicroTactix' Budget Battlefield system, to
see how well it will adapt to TFT.

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