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Re: (TFT) Review of old stuff

DASH (2).  Upgraded Running talent but +4 MA instead of +2 MA as in
So a character with a normal adjMA of 6 with chain armor would have an
of 10 with this talent.  Prerequisite:  RUNNING and ST 10


SPRINT (2):  Upgraded DASH talent.  Adjusts MA by +6.  This talent gives
character the normal MA of 16 instead of 10 or in chain armor, a 12 instead
of a MA 6.  Prerequisites:  DASH and ST 12.

Dear Justin, do you think these should have an unlimited duration, or only
be allowed for short bursts (say 6 turns max?)

Also, do you think there should be a max. armour limitation for combat
deftness I(say chain?), then leather for CDII, and maybe a CD III with
cloth as the limitation. I think this talent s a great idea for developing
hi-DX low armoured fencing types as a viable option.

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