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Re: (TFT) A little moralistic digression...

  a medeival miniatures game set
up in a very moody castle environment of Blackmoor.


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Date:  Sat, 17 Jun 2000 02:48:43 EDT
Now there was a campaign!!! I've bought every Blackmoor thing I could lay my hands on; the original D&D supplement, Dave Arneson's First Fantasy Campaign by Judges Guild and the reworked Expert D&D modules based on that material (the DA series I believe). Those are the only modules I didn't sell (other
than Expedition to the Barrier Peaks). Blackmoor is a huge inspiration to me. I think that was as close to "true originality" (whatever that is) the genre ever got. The image of the Egg figures very strongly in my campaign background; there are a multiplicity of eggs, both symbolic and otherwise, woven in. Of course this leads me to the one obvious question, never answered in any of the Blackmoor material I ever had access to, what in hell was The Egg of Coot actually or rather what was it supposed to be originally? If you or anyone else actually knows I am totally dying to find out. I had thought that perhaps it was the sentient core of some abandoned AI "computer" but I never really knew. Can anyone help??

Sorry to stray so far off the TFT subject,


No evidence is forthcoming to support this, but here is what I have 'figured out' about The Egg of Coot. Gary Guygax (current whereabouts http://www.gygax.com ( called it Jubilex in the AD&D monster manual, and classified it as a major demon. Having played in Arneson's campaign, The Egg must have made an impression on him. Here is a blackmoor site. http://home.earthlink.net/~zimriel/Blackmoor/ In the "First Fantasy Campaign" Dave Arnesons' description of some of the Eggs minions reminds me greatly of Islam, a natural enemy for any crusading knight. Of course to really get a feel for the Egg, it has to be view in its original campaign setting against the temple of Id and the City of Father Dragon. That makes it just one of three of the major evils. Here is an excerpt of the oldest description I have found?

. . . . . . . . . . .
5. The best insight into the Egg's ambitions are in it's creed which is daily intoned by hundreds of conditioned followers, around his capital city. Might is Right. Might is Right. Don't Give a Sucker and even break. Winning is everything. Get what you hant by Hook or by Crook but get it. The Ends always justify the means used to acheive it. The meek may iherit the Earth but that means the strongest will rule everything else.

I fear the rest of the Creed is a bit too strong for our gentile readiers and deal with certain "Breeding privileges and customes". Let it suffice that when a area is captured by the Egg it shortly undergoes a dramatic population decline and acquires a new and very unhuman population composition.

   Dave Arneson, "First Fantasy Campaign" page 18, 1977
. . . . . . . . . . .

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