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(TFT) making a game interesting

If someone were to publish TFT again, what world would they use? How would
they make the world interesting and exciting for a modern audience? (Heck,
Cidri wasn't even interesting for a 1980's audience!).


C'mon Michael, the soap opera stuff to flesh out a campaign is considerably
easier  than the TFT rules - the hard part (i.e. the excellent rules) is
done already. The main thing is to have plenty of Machiavellian shenanigans
(spelt that right?) to keep city play interestng - that's why I asked a
while back about Darok/Dihad which were both impressive to read while on
the bus to and from work (like NY and Chicago, Sydney has an almost decent
public transport system - the only time I get to read anything these days).

By the way did anyone ever make any more bits of Cidri/Dran gazetteer?
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