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(TFT) Re: Growlers and basing them

>Great job!  My only concern is that I'd want to leave them based for
VOR, in
>case I decide to pick up the rules and play, and some of the larger
>seem to have bases that are roughly a mega-hex in size.  I could
always tack
>on a larger base, but it'd be a pain to base them smaller, and then
>Tony Merlock

For the large round bases on the larger Growlers just
explain that the larger base is for purposes of balancing
the large heavy mini only and that for TFT game purposes
only the front part of the round base counts for hexes
So, the large round bases would only count as occupying
their front 3 hexes as the Growler's wide bodies/shoulders
would spread wider than deep and not cluster their 3 hexes
tight together in the more regular "triangular" pattern".

The Growler's hexes would be one slightly forward of the
other two(to show facing) and the 2 hexes just rearward of
it's left and right sides.
Ooh, better explanation, just take any three adjacent outside
hexes of a regular megahex and you've got it.

all you have to remember then is that your opponent's minis can
actually "climb aboard" the rear part of your round base to
make contact with the Growler's rear hexes.

...or optionally, as the Growler's have such disproportionatlely
(ooh, butchered the spelling on that one I'm sure) long arms
compared to the rest of their body, just say that they are
only 3hex creatures but count as megahex area for combat due to
their longer than normal arms and insane ferocity as they
lash out in all directions if flanked or surrounded.

any of these ideas work for you?


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