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Re: (TFT) Growlers as starting race?

>Like I said before, Guerillas on steroids or maybe
>"Schwarten-Apes" would be a better name for them.
>Actually Mack what about them as a double experience starting race?

It'd sure be fun to play all right, but from the VOR
fluff I can't believe any Growler ever sees any non-Growler
as anything but two classes of food:

1) Prey/non-dangerous Food
2) Enemy/dangerous Food

The Growler's fight amongst themselves (other clans) for
territory and the like and nobody EVER messes with a
pissed off Momma Growler, not even the Bull Chieftans.

They are intelligent, though, and have stowed away on
spaceships and even passing asteroids to spread out and
colonize other planets/habitable moons.

Maybe we should "sit down" and fully convert them for TFT
use as either monsters or as an optional player race with
2hex double experience? They absolutely have to have IQ
maximums and no magic use but they can eat ANYTHING to
survive and rapidly adapt to almost any enviroment

any thoughts on whether to keep the as pure monsters or
expand them as characters, people? I'll develop/post their
stats accordingly and then those interested parties and
myself can "tweak" them until we're happy.


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