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Re: (TFT) Growlers as starting race?

> Maybe we should "sit down" and fully convert them for TFT
> use as either monsters or as an optional player race with
> 2hex double experience? They absolutely have to have IQ
> maximums and no magic use but they can eat ANYTHING to
> survive and rapidly adapt to almost any enviroment
> any thoughts on whether to keep the as pure monsters or
> expand them as characters, people? I'll develop/post their
> stats accordingly and then those interested parties and
> myself can "tweak" them until we're happy.

I personally would keep them as "monsters" - it's hard enough to get people
to actually role-play reptilemen or gargoyles as anything other than 'humans
in rubber suits' - they're chosen for their stats and combat ability, only.

However, speaking of double-experience races, I don't charge double for most
of the listed "double XP" races - sure, they get extra points to start, and
sometimes natural armor, but the penalties that apply (both rules-based and
role-playing based) pretty much put them at an even keel with humans.

I'm working on the player-character races now, and once they're done, I'll
post them for comments.

Tony Merlock

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