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Re: (TFT) New List Member Introduction

> Anyway, this new campaign will be based on the Judges Guild "City State of
> the Invincible Overlord" campaign world, transposed to Cidri, and with a
> completely re-written background.  In fact, the Invincible Overlord will
> none other than the Thorsz....
> <
> That sounds like a GREAT idea - wish you were near LA!

Thanks!  I'm hoping it goes well.  Two of the players are new to TFT, and
the other two have moderate experience.  None of them have played in the
City-State before.

The changes in the City-State background are to make the "realm" younger, so
the campaign world is less well explored, and more "wild", and to ensure a
good supply of ruins to explore.
I haven't quite decided on the overall theme, other than ruin exploration
(which will become boring over time), although I could keep them involved in
City-State intrigue for quite some time.....

One of my plans is to introduce the "Seekers" from Treasure of the Silver
Dragon, but have them be declared traitors to the Thorsz, and get the
players involved in that conflict.  I also want to introduce a variation of
Security Station, except possibly more 'Gamma World'-ish.

We'll see what happens.... <evil GM laugh>

Tony Merlock

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