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Re: (TFT) more on Cavalry Charges

> Deployment: Infantry should not be allowed to stack more than 3 deep.
> Flanking is not an option for the Cavalry as this strictly a test for shock > value. Infantry should be allowed to break ranks and engage if they should
> so desire.

Well, if it turns into a melee (ouch), it's no real test of shock
ability.  It's expected the troopers will engage, though.  To allow the
breaking of ranks but keep us focused on the breaking _through_ of
ranks, let's have an agreement that the troopers defend a Wizard map,
and the lancers are heading south.  Wizard map is wide enough that the
troopers will need to be two ranks deep; three ranks would leave holes,
but blocks might be a valid tactic.  If the troopers get through, we'll
try a Melee map.  I mean, let's face it, there's no way you couldn't
hold a small enough gap.  :)

Right, I think three deep is a reasonable infantry deployment, but I have no problems with tinkering (that's the point right ?).

Upon further consideration/research, I would consider the infantry I described last e-mail has heavy not medium. So the cavalry should also be of a heavy nature. Lance, saber, at least chain for man and steed and a small shield.

I suppose we could also play around with unit equipment as well.
But this is a test to measure the shock value of a cavalry charge against an infantry position. Hence the heavies.

Also moral will not be a factor, we will assume that nobody will break ranks and run before contact is made or during the fight.

In the scenario being outlined my bet is that both sides fight to a draw. The infantry getting mauled but the cavalry will not have the ability to push through, any taker's ?

BTW: I was speaking facetiously, I in no way advocate illegal gambling.
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