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Re: (TFT) more on Cavalry Charges

Perhaps veterans in formation could count as multihex monsters. This is
sort of what the Romans did vs. mounted foes. I believe that most of
these didn't have stirrups, so lances would be a bit tricky to say the

Jim Eckman

Let's give them stirrups then.

But you do bring up an interesting point. I was talking to a friend last night about the current topic and the he used the Battles of Ceasar for a reference. BOC is simulation computer game that is pretty exacting in its detail.

To make a long story short. In the context of BOC (no stirrrups)cavalry's greatest value is in out flanking an enemy infantry position and attacking it from the side or behind. A head on charge would only be effective if a) your cavalry had missle weapons, or b) You had heavy cavalry chargeing light infantry. Light infantry consisting of no armor and spears.

I hope Sandock will chime in with a more detailed response. I'd like to hear it.
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