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Re: (TFT) Gargoyle Joke

	Oh, now that brings back memories! I had one player who ran a Gargoyle and
took quite a ribbing for being the only guy who got really excited when the
Stoneys (a rock based Slime) and the stone golems showed up during
encounters. He even got into trouble for getting particularly angery at a
backstabbing thief player attempting to eat his sandman (yet another rock
based race) for a "quick snack". Plus, everyone got a good laugh when a new
player to the group playing a decidedly evil character "Pantrax the Mudman"
(a magic users creation gone awry) ran away fleeing for his life when the
party threatened him "to leave them alone or else", and the answer to his
smart ass comeback "Or else what?" was the party leader thumbing towards the
smiling Gargoyle pulling out a reed straw and making sucking sounds!

	And I won't forget the time we (as a group) ruled that wizards casting
"Summon Gargoyle" might actually summon him on a really low roll (like 6
one's on six siders in a row), and how hilariously it worked against a
particular player who often rolled good, and  he tried it (assuming it
wasn't going to work), and miraculously saved the day for the group. Not to
mention, and few times later when the player got him when they were trying
to bring in something to help reinforce a losing battle, and wound up just
"bamfing" the gargoyle  to a different map location making him miss his
attack and annoying him something fierce!
	Only once was I able to roll that low in order for a NPC to summon the
gargoyle, and that was a laughable battle, First the Player summoned the
gargoyle/player, then NPC summoned the gargoyle/player, then the Player
summoned gargoyle/player again. It took a long time for the Gargoyle to get
along with the wizard after that!

	And recalling their repartee still leaves me smiling - "Hey, get ole
Rockbrain over here!" "My names Crax." "I don't care what your mental state
is." "At least I don't have mush for brains!" "Oh, and rocks for brains are
better?" "Well I *don't* go around casting 'summon mage' when you're about
to get the big boss of the bad guys..."

	- Tim Sireno
 "Look Gawintar! Tis seems we need the 'Bringer of Common Sense' for this
 "The skullcracker, my lord?"
 "Aye! That's the one. Quickly now, Gawintar!"
  - An exchange between Lord Rathbone and his loyal servant, Gawintar.
    Excerpted from the Book of Cendri.

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