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Re: (TFT) Gargoyle Joke

"Tim.Sireno" wrote:
> party threatened him "to leave them alone or else", and the answer to his
> smart ass comeback "Or else what?" was the party leader thumbing towards the
> smiling Gargoyle pulling out a reed straw and making sucking sounds!

LOL.  Our Gargoyle was on the receiving end of the jokes.  Affecting a
civilized air, he had a walking-stick 'staff', and wore a monocle. 
"Hey, somebody made a statue of Mr. Peanut..."

The Noblin 'shaman' (read: crazy as a loon) mage (IQ 16) gave him no
respect.  "A Gargoyle mage?  Show us, great one!  Show us your greatest
magick!  <to the rest of the party> Stand back, everyone!  _I_ shall be
the one!  _I_ shall be the one... to PICK THE CARD!"

>         And I won't forget the time we (as a group) ruled that wizards casting
> "Summon Gargoyle" might actually summon him on a really low roll (like 6

What about him just suddenly disappearing, as some off-camera magician
casts the spell?  :)  Locally, we said summonings were extraplanar; you
wouldn't get _your_ gargoyle.  Letting that happen opens the door to the
badguys summoning the humans into deathtraps or the like.  Unless of
course the gargoyle were under some curse they never knew about.  :)

>         And recalling their repartee still leaves me smiling - "Hey, get ole
> Rockbrain over here!" "My names Crax." "I don't care what your mental state
> is." "At least I don't have mush for brains!" "Oh, and rocks for brains are
> better?" "Well I *don't* go around casting 'summon mage' when you're about
> to get the big boss of the bad guys..."

MRGN never talked much.  Getting his stoney innards to produce sounds in
the human range was a lot of work, rather like singing lead for the
Chipmunks.  :)
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