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(TFT) Re: Ways around copyrights

	Hello everyone,
	I absolutely don't agree to this (gaining the 
rights to TFT by slightly rewriting the rules).  If you 
do new material you are welcome to copyright it, but 
it is wrong to steal TFT from HT.  

	Build a game from scratch and after all that 
work you want to give it away then that is fine.  The fact
that 30 people on the list wish that HT would give up
the rights to TFT is proof that they still have SOME

	Buy them from HT or from his heirs when 
he passes away.

	On a different subject, is anyone interested in
buying the rights to any of the other Metagaming 
games?  Which were your favorite games they produced?
My favorites were Godsfire (after a major rules revision
admittedly), Hitler's War, Ogre / GEV.  I also have kept
playing with the WarpWar rules to try to build a fun 
campaign game out of it.


>Not to mention two decades worth of refinements by dedicated fans!  The more
>original material you contribute to the work, the better your case that the
>work is deserving of copyright protection.
>So, your handling of copyright issues begs the question: Why not release a
>combined Melee/Wizard updated for the 21st century written in your own words
>and format, but with the same basic mechanics of TFT?  Then you can spend
>the $2-5k you would have spent on licensing on something like printing &
>publication.  It won't fix the problems of Cidri, the Mnoren and Prootwadles
>still being Howard Thompson's IP, but it will get a fresh version of TFT out
>for everyone to enjoy.

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