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Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 19:58:28 -0400
From: Thorn <edt@dopey.ne.mediaone.net>
Subject: Re: (TFT) Gargoyle Joke

>>         And I won't forget the time we (as a group) ruled that wizards
>> "Summon Gargoyle" might actually summon him on a really low roll (like 6

>What about him just suddenly disappearing, as some off-camera magician
>casts the spell?  :)  Locally, we said summonings were extraplanar; you
>wouldn't get _your_ gargoyle.  Letting that happen opens the door to the
>badguys summoning the humans into deathtraps or the like.  Unless of
>course the gargoyle were under some curse they never knew about.  :)

	Our reasoning behind it was simple, if all gargoyles were extraplanar, why
didn't the PC gargoyle head back to his home plane? (Not to mention the
"naturally occuring" gargoyles) Since I didn't want it to become a common
event, so I insisted on the Really low roll (in the light of what happened,
perhaps it needed more difficulty...). And to counter your other difficulty,
another GM in our group later ruled the PC's would get a battle of wills
with the wizard (like demons) to resist thier control, hence making
summoning certain humans a real *BAD* idea... (I always thought NPC's got a
bum rap by not being able to resist though!)
	And Yes, our Gargoyle did get yanked off the map a few times, but since he
often went off on his own (and got into trouble alot), the party eventually
didn't mind very much! (In fact, the party sometimes got annoyed by with
some of the more inopertune entrances of the gargoyle being forceably
returned by the summoning wizard!)

	In fact, one particularly fiendish Gm ruled that the characters had a
chance of getting telefragged (he called it ZOTTing back then, since he
loved making the ZOT! sound effect) when the gargoyle got unsummoned. So
after one life or two was lost (and that GM eventually lost favor among
players...) the group started taking extreme precautions. A familar one
liner for the party at that time was  "The Gargoyles disappeared, Everybody
Duck & Cover!!!"  And boy, did they hate it when some enemy mages hit upon
the idea of casting invisibility on the gargoyle! It sure, didn't last very
long - but it presented some deadly one turn sneak-n-snipes...

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