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Re: (TFT) Liabilities for a Golden Unicorn

Pasha and or Rick Smith wrote:
>    If the Unicorn was not found within 2 years, it would
> be dug up, and a random searcher card would be drawn.  Several
> people went to the national park where it was hidden but the
> exact directions were so vague, no one came close to finding it.
> Then Metagaming went broke, and the prize was never distributed.

A scurrilous person I know is of the opinion that someone did
indeed find it--Howard himself, when things went bust.  Wouldn't
want to leave a loose end like that laying around when you're
going into hiding to avoid creditors.  As for the searcher cards,
they've likely gone missing for much the same reason (in this 
other person's opinion, of course.)
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