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Re: (TFT) TFT Release

Hi Dan,

>Well, I think you and I agree on this in principle.  We
>are approaching the problem from different ends though.
>You've advocated decreasing the memory cost of talents 
>while I've advocated the use of some sort of table giving 
>characters more points to spend on talents.
>Of course I prefer my approach, but I'll try to give 
>some reasons why.  This may be another "Devils Advocate"
>email, but what the heck.
>If you decrease the cost for talents, then there would 
>be two models for talent cost, namely the TFT model and,
>for lack of a better term, the 'Rick' model.  Any new
>talents that come along would have to identify which 
>model they've used to assign the talent cost -- this 
>could potentially be a big headache, I think.

	All of the talents would have to be one way 
or the other, of course.

>Secondly, there are an awful LOT of talents out there
>and I think that decreasing the cost of talents would 
>be an awful lot of work.  But then, someone might have
>most of this done already, I dunno.

	I've done this for all the talents in my campaign.
Of course this work is insignificant compared to the 
effort of republishing TFT.

>In contrast, a table would not only be easier to construct
>but would make it easier to introduce new talents.
>What do you think?

	For people playing in their own campaigns,
they will use what ever system they are most 
comfortable with.  However for people new to TFT,
I think that the simplest system would be best.

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