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Re: (TFT) TFT Release


>	In summary, the single most common change
>to the TFT rules I've seen, is various ways to give 
>experienced figures more memory.  Thus my suggestion
>that if there was a single change to TFT, it is that the
>memory cost of most talents is reduced.

Well, I think you and I agree on this in principle.  We
are approaching the problem from different ends though.
You've advocated decreasing the memory cost of talents 
while I've advocated the use of some sort of table giving 
characters more points to spend on talents.

Of course I prefer my approach, but I'll try to give 
some reasons why.  This may be another "Devils Advocate"
email, but what the heck.

If you decrease the cost for talents, then there would 
be two models for talent cost, namely the TFT model and,
for lack of a better term, the 'Rick' model.  Any new
talents that come along would have to identify which 
model they've used to assign the talent cost -- this 
could potentially be a big headache, I think.

Secondly, there are an awful LOT of talents out there
and I think that decreasing the cost of talents would 
be an awful lot of work.  But then, someone might have
most of this done already, I dunno.

In contrast, a table would not only be easier to construct
but would make it easier to introduce new talents.

What do you think?


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