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Re: (TFT) Re: Ways around copyrights

>        On a different subject, is anyone interested in
>buying the rights to any of the other Metagaming 
>games?  Which were your favorite games they produced?
>My favorites were Godsfire (after a major rules revision
>admittedly), Hitler's War, Ogre / GEV.  I also have kept
>playing with the WarpWar rules to try to build a fun 
>campaign game out of it.
>        Rick
>        <
>Defintely Warp War, Car Wars, and Ogre/GEV. 
>Godsfire's an interesting game, and I've even looked into creating a new
>miniature-sized map for it, but never did (it would cost around $350.00). 
>Combined Godsfire/WarpWar is the space-combat system I use for


   Car Wars was NEVER a Metagaming game, both Car Wars and 
   Ogre/GEV are owned by Steve Jackson Games.

   As for Warpwar, the game is essentially in the public 
   domain now.  Check out www.grognard.com  (or is it
   grognards.com?)  Anyway, you might want to look at that.

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