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Re: (TFT) Re: Ways around copyrights

dwtulloh@zianet.com (Dan Tulloh) wrote:
>    As for Warpwar, the game is essentially in the public 
>    domain now.  Check out www.grognard.com  

No, it's not "essentially PD" now, there's just been a group of
people who chose to violate the copyright by putting their re-written
rules online.  The first website listed below covers that, and has the 
rules and variants online.  The Grognard has some other links as well,
including campaign rules.


While I disagree with their choice to put this stuff online, I have
taken advantage of the existence of the material.  I'm not HT's
enforcer, I just won't wantonly do it myself.  Since HT's son Marc has
visited the website and is familiar with the CyberBoard gameboxes I'm
distributing, I believe I have at least some tacit permission to
continue to send these out under the current system of requiring a
Statement of Intent.

I have been giving a lot of thought to how a set of re-written rules
(which still relies on Metagaming material) might be distributed under
some provision of the Fair Use clause in copyright law.  It's one thing
to reproduce the maps and counters in a gamebox which is rather useless
without the rules of the game; it seems to be another thing entirely to
distribute a full ruleset which would eliminate the need to possess a 
copy of the game.

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